My name is Jarren Simmons and I’m a 29 year old graphic designer, musician and freelance artist living in Portland, Oregon.¬†Though I say I’m from Oregon, I came up in a military family, moving throughout a myriad of locations before settling in the Northwest at the age of 13. In 2009 I graduated with a BA in graphic design from Yale University after a magically dynamic 4 years of secret societies, student activism through groups like the Black Men’s Union, varsity football, and of course much artistic experimentation. I’ve since been living, loving and creating in Brooklyn, New York and have only recently relocated to Portland. These pages serve as a forum for my process, my work via the mediums, and an overall glimpse into my goals, my fears and my passion for creation. My hope is that you enjoy the ride and find something you can truly connect with…thank you for checking me out!

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